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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Creating a starting point...

Living in this world called Earth, life has been challenging and full of great experience.
All this while we have been busy achieving and realising our own objectives and goals which make us lose track of ourselves.
To be a great person, it is important for us to have time for ourselves to review and to ponder again at what we had gone through all day, months or years...
That is why i'm creating this blog to give myself a chance of to reflect myself so that i will still be on the right track.
As mind will change over time, contributed by many factors, when i get to know what my mind is keeping, reasoning, gaining, thinking and processing, it will give the good control to maneuvre my body to the right path..
I hope you will see something in what i'll be writing and posting and comment if you feel need to do so..whatever it is, i'm happy to have you reading my blog. Thank you...see you in the next post..
Mind's metamorphosis