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Monday, June 22, 2009

First day in GP clinic

(Klinik Rakan Medik-Dr Rasmani)- 22/6/09
When i woke up this morning, i felt not very happy and lack of enthusiasm about going to this clinic posting. Many things came into my minds. How the doctor would treat and accommodate me? Will he share his experiences? Somehow i just got up, got my shower, wear my clothes and ready for the journey.
I made my mind that i must learn something from this posting by hook or by crook. I should use this opportunity to the fullest because this would be the only chance for me to experience the Malaysia’s GP before continuing my clinical phase overseas.
While i was on the way to the door, my handphone rang. I received a message from Belal(who was joining me for GP posting) asking for me to wait and come with him as he did not know the way to get there. I become more confident. At least there would be someone to accompany me throughout this posting and help me in answering the doctor questions if i was asked. Seriously, actually i was not ready mentally and in term of knowledge because i did not make any revision. My knowledge was rusted.
We managed to arrive at the clinic early, about 8.55 am. Dr Rasmani had not come yet. The staff, Ms Diana and Ms Mila invited us into the consultation room. So we waited for the doctor. Before we came in, we could see a few patients had already queuing at the registration counter.
The doctor greeted us and we introduced ourselves. The doctor seemed to be very happy to receive us which made me more comfortable to learn from him. During morning session, we managed to see around 40 patients. It was so quick that each patient consultation only took about 5 minutes or less. Dr Rasmani did his job very well in diagnosing and giving advices to his patients. I could see that most of his patients were very close and know him very well. Every patient that came out from his consultation room would have a smile on their faces.
Today i learnt many things after spending 12 hours in the clinic and seeing about 150 patients. Dr Rasmani taught us many things. He showed to us how is the real life as a doctor or to be specific, general practitioner. He worked 7 days a week, 12 hours perday with hardly any time to spend for himself and family. If he took holidays means he had to close his clinic because he was the only doctor works in the clinic. He said that he did not mind to spend most of his time in the clinic because he enjoyed the profession and helping other people made him feel contented.
When i reflected to what he said, i asked myself, “Am i ready to devote my life to this profession? This student life made me carried away with entertainment and far away from my true objectives of life.
I hope from now on i would be more conscious and get the clearer picture about my path in pursuit of this noble profession. Hopefully one day i am able to become like most of doctor who are willing to dedicate their life to serve the human kind holistically.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Down memory lane...Matriculation

I could still barely remember when I got my offer letter from matriculation. I felt very ecstatic as I would go to a new place and get to continue my studies. That was the first time I went to a place that was very far from home and my parents, all by myself. I did not really know where I had the strength and bravery to go there without anyone else accompanying me for registration. Maybe I was so naive and innocent. Not knowing what was the real world outside there really like.
I bought a flight ticket that would arrive at 6 pm. I was not sure why i bought that late ticket. Oh....yea...i remember....It was because all direct tickets from Kuching to Labuan were fully booked. That caused me to buy a transit ticket which was far more expensive as i would be taking two different flights. The cheapest that i could get was flight that arrived at 6 pm. So, i have no choice because my budget was low at that time. I used money from leftover scholarship saving that i keep after done secondary school. Luckily it was just enough to get me to Labuan.
Arriving in Labuan airport, i was very anxious as my friend’s mother who supposed to pick me up there did not show up. I called my friend. He said his mother won’t be able to come and bring me to the matriculation. I felt like stranded in an island without direction and hope. With all the big baggages that i carried with me, it was very difficult to move anywhere to find a cab. Suddenly i saw a group of uniform people with someone raising sign board written “Matrikulasi Labuan”. There came my savior..i approached them and ask the person raising the signboard, “Saya nk pergi daftar di Matrikulasi Labuan, boleh tolong hantarkan?” So, they brought me to their bus and after waiting for few minutes, we headed for matriculation. I have mixed feeling during my time in the bus. Happy, worried, glad and nervous. What intriguing me the most at that time was,why they were still waiting for people although i was sure that registration counter had closed at that time, which was about 6.30 pm. It was already dark when i arrived like 7.30 pm here.
Life in matriculation was not very easy for me. Everything was in English. That was the first time i know the word ‘potassium’ which i used to call it ‘kalium’ during chemistry lecture. Almost every words that lecturer said or written in textbook were new words for me especially during biology lecture. Just imagine, i did not know what ‘secrete’ means. When i looked back, i felt like i had learned so little or nothing when i was in school. But my English was so poor during secondary school, so no wonder it would be difficult for me.
Nevertheless, i tried to improve myself. I had to get a book to write new words and find the meaning and memorize the new words. As i was doing that i could see my friends around me developed and learnt faster than me. I was left behind and unable to catch up with their level. When i got into discussion with them, i would feel lost. It made me feel so depressed and isolated.
To be continued... :)