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Saturday, September 11, 2010

My journey to the west

On 6th sept 2010 marked my first voyage and foray into the world of ’mat salleh’ and the next level of my studies. Going abroad has been one of my dreams for years. Finally, the most awaited day has come. It has never come into my mind that I would have to wait this long just to get the feel of being a student in UK.

My flight to Glasgow was an interesting story to tell. Boarded a MAS flight at 11.40pm at KLIA heading for Heathrow before continue with connecting flight to Glasgow in British Airways plane. I was seated by the window and next to me was 2 retirees, husband and wife, who are going for holidays in Edinburgh. I managed to break the ice with two of them by sharing our reasons to go far away from home. They were very friendly and talkative even though at times I couldn’t quite catch what they were saying. I just nodded in agreement.

The triple 7 flight was full house that night. The plane was seemed to be taking off with difficulty. What come to my mind was that “are those org putih going back for Raya too?” as I saw many of them in that Boeing.

I spent most of my flight time with watching videos and movie which were available at the LCD screen in front of our seat. I could not be happier when there was Iron Man 2 movie to choose from. After watching several other movies, I decided trying to get a sleep as it was already almost 4 hours of the journey. Another 8 hours to go before reaching Heathrow.

We were attended with food twice during that voyage i.e. supper and breakfast. For supper i picked Briyani rice with chicken while for breakfast I ate omelet with ‘cendawan butang’. It was nice to my palate.

Finally we reached London marvellous airport at 5.20AM (local time). Alhamdulillah…I got to touch down on an alien land. Everything that I’ve heard all this while from all sorts of sources would be tested as I would be able to first hand feel by myself.

I hoped and prayed that this endeavor into this new world of uncertainties, possibilities and expectations would make and shape me into the better of me if not the best person I could be.

To be continued…