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Saturday, August 1, 2009

IIt's so easy to give up..but not easy to give your best

This couple of weeks, so many things happened. Some were things that make me feel happy and vice versa...Looking back into things that i've done, i was not sure why and how i could do it...
Working so hard...but it seemed my effort to no avail...
To study and to give time for other the very beginning, i feel very enthusiastic...full of commitment...after facing a few obstacles and difficulties, my energy and commitment level started to drop little by little...i'm not sure where to get back my fighting spirit...
sometime i felt like to give up and almost give up with everything after looking at others who seem to be very happy with their life...could spend good time with need to think about finance problem, society or any event matter...they could just focus on study...As for me, facing lots of one to share..
After pondering back at how i feel and see things, i remembered verses from Al-Quran and ask for forgiveness from Allah....i was so weak....

Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, "We believe", and that they will not be tested? We did test those before them, and Allah will certainly know those who are true from those who are false. (29:2-3)

Maybe, this is part of the test in my life which could strenghten my iman...insyaAllah...

If We give man a taste of Mercy from Ourselves, and then withdraw it from him, behold! he is in despair and (falls into) blasphemy. (11:9)

Maybe when i was given the happy moment and 'rezeki', i seldom be thankful to Allah...that's why Allah gave me the test to make me realise of my mistake and unawareness...
Alhamdulillah...praise be to Allah..

I hope that i will be always by His guidance...Ameen..

Album : RinduMunsyid : Hijjaz

Biar berlinangan airmata
Ku takkan hentikannya Biarkan ia menyembuh luka
Hilanglah rasa duka
Tidak ku termampu merentasi liku-liku
Oh tidak ku mampu menghadapi semua itu
Oh sungguh ku tak upaya
Jangan dibiarkan jerih perih kehidupan
Bisa meleraikan iman
Kan hancur semuanya
Walau menitis airmata darah
Tak bisa merubah segalanya
Melainkan taubat nasuha
Moga kan diterima
Namun ku percaya
Masih ada kesudahannya
Kerana allah itu Maha kaya maha mendengar
Rintihan hamba-hambanya Kerana sesiapa bertaqwa kepadanya
Pasti akan ada Jalan keluarnya Rezeki yang tidak disangka-sangka
Cukup allah baginya Berkuasa segala-galanya Terima seadanya

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