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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Conference call

Last night I made a conference call with my friends which were also mu ex-batchmates of IMU. There were 6 of us which were Karim, Kamal, Danial, Ibkar, Hafiz and myself. We discussed and shared a lot of things. But the most interesting story was from Danial aka Daia.. He told us what he is enduring right now as a medical student in Halifax, Canada. He described to us that the medical students there are considered as part of the team treating a patient. Thus they are held responsible for anything that has been given to patient. They got involve in the management of the patient. According to Daia, they even can do the surgery if the resident doctor give them chance to do so. The mind boggling thing was that they are not taught formally in lecture or even bedside about how to do every procedure. Everything needs to be learn independently through any source especially the internet. When we heard about his experience, it sounds great at first as he got the chance to do hands on practical even a surgery. I just could not believe it when he said he had done TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT in 4 hours by himself with only instructions by resident doctor. But the worst part was yet to come as they are evaluated throughout all the task they done. For me personally, it was Allah will and He knows the best for his servant and that was why Daia was chosen to be there instead of me. I guess I won't be able to cope and did as what he had done. What a marvellous experience which very difficult to be found in Malaysia and even UK, I think..Alhamdulillah...I thanks Allah so much for giving me things that I surely can endure. To Daia, take it as a challenge and put in mind that Allah knows best for you. You just need to be patient for another 1 year. It was a great opportunity as you are already outdistanced HO doctor in Malaysia especially in term of skills. I'm sure that when you graduated, you will become a competent doctor..




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